It is a very dynamic competition where students experience the inner-workings of international policy-making as they tackle global issues, draft resolutions, debate solutions, connect with like-minded individuals, understand international relations and business, and develop solutions to world problems. In Model United Nations, students take on roles as foreign diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization, UN committees, and specialized agencies.
Our “Delegates” learn how the international community acts on its concerns about topics such as peace and security, human rights, economic development, food and hunger, the environmental, and globalization and gain from their exploration of history, geography, culture, economics and science.

Why Sign up?

Learning Benefits:
Experiential Learning. The first hand involvement leads to a deeper understanding of world issues and negotiation practice by foreign governments.
Cooperative Learning. During the Model UN program, you become an “expert” in one aspect of a policy or issue for your delegation. At the conference all the “experts” gather in subcommittees to inform, work together, and accomplish shared goals.
Research concludes that the Model UN environment, as a cooperative learning center, is a valuable education tool. Cooperative learning promotes higher achievement, greater motivation, more positive interpersonal relations among students, more positive attitudes toward the subject area and teacher, greater self esteem and psychological health, more accurate perspectives, and greater social skills. (Johnson and Johnson, 1988)
Focused Skills. Through this hands-on approach you gain a global perspective on world issues, leadership, speaking, writing and teamwork skills that you can apply in your future life.
Career and College Pathway Model United Nations offers a key opportunity to expose you to higher education and career path options, and teach you the skills that can unlock doors to future career prospects.

Student Training Program download form here and email it to info@wwpartnership.org. For more information call our office (775) 525-1511.

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